"We assist growers in gaining better crop production."

What We Provide

The Datastar Crop Analyst (DCA) system provides products and services to assist growers in the management of health and/or stress of crop assets.  These products are produced from remotely sensed aerial imagery.  DCA is uniquely designed with grower and management input and support. DCA products and services are directly applicable on a day-to-day basis for growers and managers of any size operation. 

Crop Analyst delivers tree counts, tree height, canopy coverage, individual tree stress, and yield predictions using our objective Datastar Stress Index (DSI) to give the grower accurate data in order to make informed and intelligent decisions for their crops.


 Datastar's high-technology, multi-faceted Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System provides leading-edge, highly-automated solutions to complex problems in agriculture, engineering, and other disciplines.  Our skill set, tool set, and infrastructure ensures successful project results in a timely efficient manner​.