About Datastar Inc.

Datastar Inc. provides Network Technology Solutions to home users, businesses, and government interests. Datastar Inc. was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Picayune, Mississippi. We are a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider Partner and a Sun Microsystems Catalyst Developer.  Datastar Inc. provides a full range of services for home users, small businesses, and government agencies, including innovative RS/GIS solutions, state of the art Crop Analysis products, and internet and full IT support services.


Datastar Inc. has an experienced staff of administrative and certified technical representatives that can provide support in virtually any facet of computer systems, software, and networking. Datastar Inc. customers can obtain one-on-one training in specific areas of interest at no cost.


Additional information concerning Datastar Inc. Internet services can be obtained by calling one of our friendly technical representatives at (601) 799-2439.