Datastar Stress Index (DSI)

Datastar Computational Analyst (DCA) quantifies stress information non-subjectively using the Datastar Stress Index (DSI) as a standard of measurement.

Datastar Stress Index for Fruit Crops

  • DSI is an objective measurement of stress from insignificant (no stress) to severe stress

  • DSI is a number from 1.00 to 3.00 with 200 divisions - 0.5% granularity

  • Provides required precision in measuring stress 

  • For mapping products, DSI is also presented as a three-level color presentation

  • DSI is the basis for all DCA products

Proprietary Datastar Stress Index
Computer Generated DSI Map
Note: Green pixels are usually omitted for clarity.

The following table depicts the three-level DSI measurement definition for fruit trees. 

Datastar Stress Index Over Time

​The following table depicts the DSI for fruit trees over time. 

Computer Generated DSI Map