Datastar Crop Analyst: Fruit Crops

What Datastar Crop Anaylst (DCA) Provides

The Datastar Crop Analyst (DCA) system provides products and services to assist growers in the management of health and/or stress of citrus assets. These products are produced from remotely sensed aerial imagery. DCA is uniquely designed with grower and management input and support. DCA products and services are directly applicable on a day-to-day basis for growers and managers of any size operation.​ 


DCA provides fruit tree counting tree canopy size, stress of individual trees (as well as measuring the stress and health of the trees over time for comparison purposes), tree height, and yield predictions.    DCA also provides control data directly useable by the applicator to control ground sprayer mechanisms on a tree-for-tree basis (e.g. application of foliar nutrients.)  All data is then retained to generate trends​.

DCA provides several products that analyze the condition of health and/or stress of citrus assets over time to provide trends, including a comparison of:

Fruit Crop Analyst Services

Datastar Computational Analyst (DCA) produces tree counts with unparalleled accuracy. DCA can also produce a measurement of the size and health of every tree counted.

Datastar Computational Analyst quantifies stress information non-subjectively using the Datastar Stress Index (DSI) as a standard of measurement. 

Using data generated when DCA counts trees, measures individual tree stress, and determines the height of the trees, DCA can provide a yield prediction on a tree by tree basis with the ultimate goal of predicting the yield prediction for the entire area where the data was captured and processed.

DCA produces control data that are directly useable by the applicator to control ground sprayer mechanisms on a tree-for-tree basis (e.g. application of foliar nutrients to stressed citrus trees).

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  • DSI Results over time

  • DSI Results to the average

  • Block Statistics over time

  • Block Statistics to the average

Datastar provides sufficient follow-ups to assure project success and customer satisfaction.

Example of Datastar Computational Analyst on Fruit Trees



The Datastar Computational Analyst (DCA) system generates imagery from spatially accurate high-resolution imagery (100 measurements per square meter.)  DCA generates 1500 measurements per mature tree from above-the-crown of the trees.  DCA characterizes every tree health/stress in size of trees.  From this, it produces electronic prescriptions that can assist growers to efficiently mitigate disease.  It generates snapshot analysis, prescription, and temporal products.

  • Fruit tree block statements (snapshot meta-data) that include tree counts and tree height

  • Electronic prescriptions for use in foliar nutrition application

  • Electronic maps for grove manager utilization

  • Fruit tree block trend statements

Datastar Computational Analyst produces the following deliverables via the DCA system.