Datastar Crop Analyst: Row Crops

What Datastar Crop Anaylst (DCA) Provides
Row Crop Analyst Services

The Datastar Crop Analyst (DCA) system provides products and services to assist growers in the management of health and/or stress of citrus assets. These products are produced from remotely sensed aerial imagery. DCA is uniquely designed with grower and management input and support. DCA products and services are directly applicable on a day-to-day basis for growers and managers of any size operation.

Datastar Crop Analyst provides several benefits for row crop management, including:

  • Objectively characterizes health and stress

  • Utilizes proprietary stress measurement index (DSI)

  • Produces products throughout the year starting with plant and replant decisions

  • Reduces costs and increases efficiency of operations

  • Provides valuable input for forward-pricing baseline

Datastar Crop Analyst produces the following deliverables via the DCA system.

  • Sugarcane production statements

  • Sugarcane “block” statistics

  • Sugarcane “block” trend statements

  • Sugarcane “thin soils” data

  • Electronic “prescriptions” 

  • Sugarcane soil fertility

Datastar provides sufficient follow-ups to assure project success and customer satisfaction.

Datastar Crop Analyst (DCA) quantifies stress information non-subjectively using the Datastar Stress Index (DSI) as a standard of measurement. 

DCA provides products from sugarcane crop health and/or stress information using DSI as a standard of measurement. These products are directly useable by crop managers to make more precise decisions in the management of sugarcane. These products are available in a mapped format, either softcopy or hardcopy.

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